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The wheatgrass

Vajon megér Önnek az egészsége,
a jó közérzete, a vitalitása napi 200 Ft-ot?


Egyre többet hallani róla, hatásairól pedig ódákat zengenek.
De mi is tulajdonképpen ez a "csodanövény", valóban különlegesség számba megy, vagy akár a mindennapokban is találkozhatunk vele?

The history of wheatgrass from the beginning.
Wheatgrass is neither a special plant from a kind of exotic land nor a result of a laboratory experiment. It is the base of our daily meals, it involves the grain crops, which is called traditional wheat. More precisely: wheatgrass is the few days old shoot of the plant. Therefore wheatgrass is the fresh wheat plant right after germination, when the first cotyledons are pushing out. For this purpose spelt is the most common method, but there are lots of other wheat types which are effectively used in bio culture which can come into question. The essence of the smooth and maximum one-week-old shoots is called wheatgrass, of which specialities are the high level of chlorophyll, the biologically valuable minerals, and the different kinds of vitamins, amino acids and enzymes which can be extracted from the few days old plant.
Wheatgrass and its juice is the present of the nature, and the rate of the piled up nutrients and vitamins inside them are determined by nature. Its quantum and consistence are exactly what a healthy organism needs. It is proven that the organism can process and utilize raw nutrition easier than cooked meals. It’s not a secret that if the vitamins are fresh, much less is enough. We need to endeavour to consume more fresh nutrition for this purpose. Wheatgrass juice perfectly fits these principles.

A precise dietary with natural meals combined with wheatgrass juice helps the metabolism processions, detoxifies the organism of which effect is to vitalize cell activity, and our organism gets rid of harmful materials.
It is widespread and spreading because of its detoxifying and immune strengthening effect. In addition wheatgrass juice can’t be disregarded at the process of alkalizing the organism and also at healthy weight loss. There is no need of either fasting through tough weeks, or using unhealthy diet pills. It is a natural way for getting the nutrition that every organism needs.
Wheatgrass juice is getting more popular in Hungary too, several organic farmers started to raise wheatgrass, hence we have the opportunity to choose good quality and fresh wheatgrass juice.
The primeval Egyptian and Maya civilizations’ scientists knew and used wheatgrass juice too. Several subsisted notes prove this. According to Egyptians, who consumed wheatgrass juice, became resistant against illnesses. They believed that wheatgrass juice not only makes you stronger, but it also makes you younger.
Now the world is focusing on this ordinary plant again, and hoping this is the solution against many carcinogenic materials and pollutions. Wheatgrass will substantiate and will save the humanity from several believed to be invincible illnesses. Rely on wheatgrass juice and You won’t be disappointed.

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